You Are Amazing.

It's official. All five of our sons are back in school, eye-rollingly obliging me with the traditional "stand in the driveway and smile quickly so I can take a photo and never forget this moment" picture. Well, I got one of everybody except Jack. It wasn't the battle I wanted to go down with today.

Twins First Day of 5th Grade
School supplies? Check. Lunches packed? Check. Nice, hot breakfast to start the day? Check. But I missed the singular most important thing. Three simple words. Three words we ALL need to hear.
You Are Amazing.
Sadly, the older our kids get, the less likely they are to feel amazing. What they'll feel is pressure. And stress. It's a part of life. Part of growing up. I'm not talking about participation trophies or rewarding kids for stupid stuff they should know how to do. What I'm referring to is teaching my boys that they are all amazing. Different? Yes. Perfect? No. Amazing? Absol-freaking-lutely.
Ryan's First Day at Carlow (7th grade)
YOU are amazing. No one is like you. No one IS you. No one does what you do, and no ones does it how you do it. You are special. And you should never forget it.
In a world so judgy, so hell-bent on division, so mired in hypocrisy, hear it now.
You. Are. Amazing.
Now, say it to yourself. Say it to someone you love. Say it to someone who needs to hear it. Shout it from the mountaintops!!! Maybe saying it aloud will make it sink in a bit... so that tomorrow, when you wake up and look in the mirror... you won't just think you're amazing. You'll know you are.

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  • When you focus on the good in people it is easy to see how amazing they are, and the true gift is, when you can look at yourself in the mirror and KNOW that “I am amazing”. What a fantastic way to live!


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