When God Created Ryan

Ryan and snowman


Shortly before midnight on the sixth day, God was perplexed. He looked at the dirt under His feet and started shaping it with His hands.

An Angel who witnessed His magical sculpting walked over and asked, “What are you making, Lord?”

God answered, “I’m creating the curiosity of my kingdom. Its lifeblood. Its eternal energy.”

The Angel was perplexed.

“No offense, Lord, but didn’t you already create man today?”

God smiled but didn’t stop working.

“Indeed, my son, but this creation is different.”

He continued. “I am making Boy. He must be strong… but sensitive,” the Lord explained.

“He must be able to handle criticism and rise above others who bear false witness.

He must be able to make countless mistakes and learn from them without being afraid of taking chances.

He must love others with empathy and compassion, even when society tells him otherwise.

And he must listen to his heart, know who he is, and LOVE who he is,” the Lord continued, “even when others tell him he’s not worth it.”

The Angel was impressed.

“Empathy, compassion AND self-awareness?!” he exclaimed. “And THIS is the standard model?”

The Lord nodded.

The Angel touched Boy’s cheeks.

“You have made him so tender.”

“Amen,” said the Lord. “But I have made him strong. You can’t imagine what he can endure and overcome.”

“Can he FEEL?” asked the Angel. “This model seems too perfect, as though nothing could break through him.”

The Lord closed His eyes as His fingers shaped the boy’s shoulders.

“Not only can he feel, he can admit mistakes and forgive others for theirs.”

“Impossible!” said the Angel, reaching to touch Boy’s hair.

At that moment, a tear dropped delicately down Boy’s cheek.

“Lord! Your creation is leaking!” the Angel exclaimed.

“No, my son,” whispered the Lord, “tears are his way of hurting. Quietly. Privately. Swallowing his feelings and his pride,” God said. “People will treat Boy like a man, even when he’s not quite ready to be so.”

Just then, a crack of thunder rumbled above in the very sky God had created four days earlier.

A bolt of lightning ripped down from the heavens and struck the Lord’s earthen creation, splintering His mold into explosive puffs of dust.

To the Angel’s amazement, a figure lay curled up on the ground.

“Lord! Your mold has been broken!”

“Indeed, my son,” said God. “But you needn’t worry.”

The Angel bent down and gasped in amazement.

“What is THAT?” he asked.

“That, my son, is Ryan,” God said.

“Kind of heart. Gentle of spirit. Loving of all. Hating of none. The mold has been broken.”

God picked up the boy and carried him away lovingly in His arms.

The angel watched, mystified.

And so it went.

To all boys struggling to find their place.

Hoping to find their voice.

Praying for protection from evil.

Desperate for the chance to grow into man.

Peace be with you.

May God’s peace and love always be with you.

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  • I think God gave the world an extraordinary gift when he created Ryan.


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