Weathering the Storm

Weather the Storm
My family has been lost at sea this week, bobbing around, totally lost, with no view of the horizon or anything familiar. We are traveling uncharted waters, looking to the stars for some guidance or a least a path back home. I can see the sun breaking up ahead, but the skies are still cloudy and I'm in a fog.
Life is so interesting. We can be sailing along, living, doing what we do, when all of a sudden something unexpected happens. Something that knocks us overboard without a life vest. All we can do is swim.
It's easy to get lost in our own life's tides. The ups and downs and rolling waves that carry us here and there. It's even easier to get angry at the unfairness that pulls us under like a nasty rip tide. But that's not the answer.
The water is cold and it's saltier than I'd like. But that salts keeps me from sinking. Today I'll keep my head above water and swim for shore. Because it's out there, somewhere. I must keep swimming, keep moving, to get closer to its safe, dry land.

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  • I believe that God keeps the universe balanced in the end. Good things happen to good people. And, you, my friend, are GREAT people. Just keep swimming. God will have a comfy lounge chair, a floppy hat and a giant margarita waiting for you once the tide calms. xxoo


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