The Year of the Woman

There's a lot of meaningless fluff swirling around out there these days. Big headlines, loud voices, caustic labels. But not a lot of substance. Social justice warriors beat their chests and scream into the mic, but they never really do anything. They don't help anybody. They don't change anything. They don't make a difference. It's all show. It's the ultimate hypocrisy.


It's almost like we're living in Tom Gatsby's house. His fictional world was rich but empty. He threw lavish parties but didn't know any of his guests. The books in his library were beautifully bound but their pages were blank. It was all show. The ultimate hypocrisy.

And that's how I feel about 2018. The Year of the Woman, CNN tells us. Are we supposed to celebrate that? Is this something that's good? Do we really need a label, a title, a headline, to tell us we're important? Do we need a Time Magazine cover to prove our value? Do we need demonstrations, marches, conventions and crowds to tell us how great we are? I find it embarrassing. The ultimate hypocrisy.

It's like the professional athletes who only visit sick children in the hospital when the TV cameras are there. Or the businessman who gives money to charity, then tells everyone how much he gave. I prefer the person who does what's right because it's the right thing to do. And who does it when no one is looking. They don't need a pat on the back. They know who they are.

Women are the center of the world. We run almost everything. We innovate. We nurture. We teach. We love. Without us, the wheels of our family's machine grind to a halt. We don't need a year, or a day, or even an hour that's just for us. We Already Have It All. And if you think you don't, that's unfortunate.

So beware the headlines. Take note of the loudest voices. Keep your eye on those who feel the need to label and judge, who talk but don't listen. They're the ones demanding change but the last ones you'll ever see effecting it. Should you come across one of these people, kindly tell them Mr. Gatsby's next party is tonight at 7 at his place. And they're invited.


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