The Way of Happiness


So, let's see. We've covered a lot of ground this week. We've talked about MeToo, (I personally think hashtags are stupid, it's pound sign, anyhow, so I'm done including it) fake news, and the media agenda. We've also dabbled in the world of haters, judgers, bandwagoners, and people whose lives revolve around being offended by something.

Whew. These people make me tired.

Thank goodness my friendly neighborhood Jehovah's Witnesses walked up my driveway this morning as I was vacuuming all the black astroturf nibblets from the Schenley Park Oval out of my car. I needed their warm hugs and kind conversation.

The JW make it part of their ministry to share the word of God with anyone who will listen. I love that. I'm sure many people hide in their homes or refuse to open the door when they see these men and women approaching, but I always greet them. I find every single time they knock, they have a message to share that I really need to hear. And the reading material they bring with them almost always seems like it was written just for me.

Today's pamphlet is entitled "The Way of Happiness." Amen.

"Happiness has been described not as a destination or a goal, but as a journey."

I. Freaking. Love it.

Happiness allows you to be who you are, and to resist those who demand that you be something else.

Happiness allows you to love the little stuff, and to realize that the little stuff is actually the most important stuff.

Happiness is like an imaginary force field, protecting you from people intimidated by your joy.

Happiness helps you listen more, argue less, and see how your unique talents can be used to make other people happy.

I like being happy. Don't you?

So, on this beautiful spring day, should a well-dressed man or woman carrying a bible and some papers stroll through your neighborhood, do yourself a favor and engage them. I will guarantee that the beautiful words that come out of their mouths will be just the message your heart has been wanting - and needing - to hear.


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  • Happiness is definitely a journey, a journey well worth taking. Love this blog, so heartfelt, and lovely, just another step on my Happiness Journey.


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