The Sweet Blooming of Spring

Ah yes. The days are getting longer. The temperatures are warming up. Flowers are starting to pop out of the ground. And I'll be stuck in a car for five days with two cranky teenagers. I love spring.


Miami of Ohio


It's time for our college road trip, a 9 hour drive to South Carolina to see the University of South Carolina and Clemson University, then Virginia Tech and back home through Penn State. There are two bonuses to this journey Joe, Michael, Jack and I are taking. One, the boys' little brothers won't be coming with us, so that means less fighting and more leg room in the car. And two, Jack will be able to get some highway driving under his belt before he's officially licensed in June. June 6, to be exact. D-Day. Good Lord.

This is the fun time to be a parent. To see the machinations of the future crank in my oldest sons' heads as they try to envision who they are and who they want to be... it's really neat. Admittedly, Michael has confessed that he feels pressure to live up to the expectations of our extended family. My parents went to Northwestern, my sister went Ivy at Penn, my brothers in law chose Notre Dame and Joe and his sister went to Boston College. I went to the University of Colorado in Boulder, God's country. I'm taking Michael there next weekend for a visit and I know he'll fall in love.

This is the come to Jesus moment for all kids when they move away and grow up. No longer is life about what your parents ask or tell you to do. It's about dreaming, setting goals, adhering to deadlines, being responsible, and realizing you have the ability to make a tremendous impact on the world around you. How awesome!

I'm going to be posting blurby updates during the course of our travels, so bear with me. These days are few and far between. As my father used to say, it's time to take some bread and soak up the gravy. Thank goodness I just went to Trader Joe's for a fresh crunchy loaf of sourdough.


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  • I look forward to all of your updates on your trip. Your son’s world is opening up to them, and I know they will do great because they have parents who are involved and helping guide them. This time in their lives is so rewarding for both parents and your son’s. Enjoy every moment, all of you are going to have a lot of fun.


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