The Meaning of Easter


This Easter Sunday will find me in a car with two cranky teenagers touring the southern states on a CDW. A College Decision Whirlwind. Unlike me, who saw the University of Colorado at Boulder, fell in love with the University of Colorado at Boulder and applied ONLY to the University of Colorado at Boulder, my sons have diverse interests. Wide reaches. And plenty of questions. Being 18 years old isn't easy. No matter who you are.

But I'm reminded as I embark on a remarkable spring break journey with my best friend Joe, my oldest son Michael, and my utterly awesome second son Jack, that life is a blessing. I GET TO go on this trip. I GET TO watch as my boys' horizons expand. I GET TO be front and center as they make big decisions. Good Lord. I am so blessed.

Happy Easter everyone. Life is good. God is good. And the sky's the limit.



  • You are so right, getting to go on the road trip is a beautiful blessing, watching your son’s enter another phase of their lives is so rewarding as a parent, they will soar, because they have two parents that are helping guide them, a lot of kids don’t have that. Enjoy and savor every moment of your trip. Also in my opinion I think you snagged up a great new producer! Happy Spring!

  • Happy Easter! Enjoy your family and your road trip with your sons! Anddd give Ryan a hug for me and tell him Eva-Marie says “ hi!”

    Eva-Marie Simon

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