Some People

I love this picture I snapped of Chris and Bobby at a marina in Hilton Head. Our family charters a fishing trip with captain Eric Moore of EZ Cat Fishing Charters every summer. Eric's an affable guy who works his tail off to create a good life for his family and is laser focused on providing a memorable experience at sea for our boys. We never talk politics. There's never a foul word that rolls off his lips or a mean comment muttered under his breath. He's a salt of the earth fisherman who treats the marine life with the same respect and courtesy he affords his customers. And when Cap'n Eric takes us past the wake zone and opens up the throttle, the wind and salt spray and sun make me almost dizzy inside. There's no agenda. Nothing to argue over. Nothing to stress about with Eric guiding us to the open sea.

I think this particular image of my twins really captures the essence of childhood. Kids can turn anything into a game, a jungle gym or a competition. And it takes so little to keep them occupied and make them happy. Children are unaffected by politics. They, by and large, haven't been exposed to hated or racism and they tend to hear other peoples' ideas and opinions without bias. Sadly, the older we get the less likely we are to accept other people for who they are or what they believe. This divisive climate our country is in right now is proof of that.

So I grabbed my iPad and asked my four youngest sons (and my sixth son, Paul) to help me with this video production today. It's simple. Raw. And so very true. Now if only we could make ADULTS view people and the world as simply as they...

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