Reaching for the Moon

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you look back on and wonder... Wait a minute, what just happened? Where did those seven days go? What did I actually accomplish? Yep. I just had one of those. And it's super weird. It seems the weeks slip through my fingers increasingly easily the more that time marches forward. How on $#%? did I manage all five of my sons way back when? When Bobby and Chris were still in infant carriers and I needed to take all of them to the grocery store... how did I do that, actually? Wasn't I infinitely busier than I am today? Didn't my face feel like it could melt off? Wasn't I always under-rested, over-sensitive, and way too quick to be overwhelmed? 

So what gives? Am I just now understanding that life is hectic? Or is the electricity I feel, the vibration in the air and the hum that drones through me as though I live too close to a power plant trying to tell me something? I've felt a changing of the tide, a reversal of energy, a swell of something about to happen. Except I don't know what it is, when it will happen, or if I'll even know what it is when it does. 

I feel like I have so much I want to accomplish, and I mean to tackle all of it. But life just keeps getting in the way. I think one of the hardest things for any of us to do is to live in the moment. To be right here, right now, without worrying about what we should be doing, where we ought to be spending our time, or what's coming around the next bend. We are often lousy at appreciating NOW.... because we feel such pressure to go out and scramble for our slice of LATER. But here's the truth: When we realize that NOW is pretty dang awesome, and that sometimes sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee, watching the sun rise and listening to the birds awaken is better than the fanciest vacation or wildest dream we ever dreamt, the view becomes slightly clearer. We feel less compelled to control everything we don't understand. We open our minds to new challenges. We're more willing to take the detour that before seemed too dangerous. Or at least, too risky.

If you're like I often am and slide under the covers at night totally exhausted but not really understanding WHY... here's my wish for us this week. Make that, my wish for me. I'm going to write down the one thing I want to accomplish before Friday. And by God, no matter what extraneous distractions pop up along the way, I'm going to make that one thing happen. The bummer for me? My "one thing" is never something small. It's usually something grand, something larger than life, something incredible! Makes complete sense, considering my view on life. Why aim low when I can shoot for the stars? Even if I miss... there's a pretty good chance I'll still make it to the moon.

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  • This past week, we lost a family member to the horrible disease of pancreatic cancer. I always feel that when you lose someone you love, you have to find something good to come out of it, and for me the good that came out of losing a loved one is to really appreciate EVERY day, appreciate your good health, take time for YOU, love the sweetness of a breeze, the coming of spring, the budding of the trees, the blooming of daffodils, enjoy being alive, never take that for granted. So Wendy, shoot for the stars, and I know you will go past them, and you will definitely get a piece of the moon, it is shining so bright waiting for you to accomplish your goal.


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