PWB Podcast 3

When I volunteered during my teenage years at a summer camp for mentally and physically handicapped children, we as a society didn't know about the word "autism." Looking back now, after learning much more about it, I'm sure a fair number of the children I played with, swam with, and enjoyed long, lazy days with were on the autism spectrum.

Autism was once spoken of in whispers. Today, we can shout about it from the mountaintops. Autism spectrum disorder is not a secret to be shoved in the closet. It affects about one percent of the world population, including roughly one in every 68 babies born here in the United States.

So why is this week's Positively Wendy Bell podcast about autism? Simple. Because I want to share with each of you an incredible experience I enjoyed the other night, courtesy of a remarkable group of young people on the autism spectrum right here in Pittsburgh. They formed a band two and a half years ago called... you guessed it... Spectrum. And they perform to packed audiences all over town.

I spent a few hours with these talented musicians and am so excited to share their gift with you now. So... if you need a reason to smile... click the link below. I promise that what you hear will lift your spirits!

(**Please share this post with anyone you know who's touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder or any group involved with it. The Spectrum Band thanks you for your support!**)




  • Different isn’t bad or scary. Different is…different! Without different we wouldn’t have Beethoven’s music or Monet’s art. Not everyone is cut out to be a scientist or a mathematician. Wouldn’t it be a dull world if that were the case. When we meet people who are different than we, we should embrace them and learn from them…not shun them.

    Eva-Marie Simon
  • What a fabulous story. Thank you for bringing it to all of us as only you can.


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