I often wonder what it is about some kids who see big mountains to climb and get busy trying to scale them. Do they come from extraordinary families? Is it really their parents pushing them behind the scenes to get involved and make a difference? Or are some people simply programmed at a young age to see problems and try to solve them? I wish I knew. And I wish I could sprinkle some of that magic dust onto my five sons. I wish one of them had the spark to do something big to benefit others. Like these guys.

(North Allegheny high school student Shudipto Wahed, bottom left, and four friends started a non-profit called OneBook that ships books to students in Bangladesh and other countries.)

Shudipto Wahed and four of his friends saw a need in the world, thousands of miles away from their Pittsburgh homes. So they stepped up, got organized, and started their own non-profit organization called OneBook.

 I recently spent some time with the five super-smart students at Shudipto's house where they store, organize and ship thousands of books overseas to students who don't have access to English literature. Watch what happens when people work together to do something special for strangers, half a world away.

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