Never Quit

There are few people in my life as inspiring as Attila Domos. I met Attila two years ago, several weeks after he unofficially broke a world record. I don't know about you, but I'd never met someone who'd not only dreamed of being THE BEST at something, better than everyone else in the world.... but who actually worked for it. Trained endlessly to earn it. Went after it. And ACHIEVED it! All those things are my friend, Attila. He amazes me at every turn.

He was paralyzed nearly half his lifetime ago in a freak falling accident. As a young man with his whole world in front of him, I guess it would have been understandable had Attila decided to throw in the towel and just give up. To become angry at the world, bitter at every able person who takes their mobility for granted, P-O'd at God, even. But not Attila. The change in his course didn't derail him. It just put him on wheels. And those wheels were exhilarating.

(This is Attila and me supporting our friend, world-renowned cyclist Danny Chew, at a fundraiser, shortly after Danny was paralyzed in a freak accident while cycling in Ohio.)

Paralyzed from the waist-down, Attila became interested in hand cycling. He lies on his back on a special bike he powers with his arms. And get this. In order to break the Hand Cycling World Record, he'd need to push himself - with his ARMS - more than 404 miles. On a muggy August day, Attila Domos did just that. Breaking the world record by a little more than three miles. (His record is unofficial because a rep from the Guinness Book wasn't on hand to witness it.)

Now, one month from today, at 5PM on October 6, Attila Domos is going for the record again... THIS time, officially!! We'll be using the Uber track in Hazelwood and, for 24 straight hours, my friend will go after his dream. Never Quit. It's what he always says. Never, ever, EVER quit.

This was the story I told about him a little more than a year ago. I want to share it with you again, because it's worth seeing. It talks to the quitter inside each of us. That quiet voice that sounds like a symphony whenever we weigh the pros and cons of a new adventure. Keep dreaming, Attila says. Never give up. 

I plan to show many updates the weekend of October sixth as my friend -- who is now fifty years old, mind you – puts all his training and hard work to the test. As I've told him countless times before, whether or not he actually breaks the world record, in my eyes, is inconsequential. What he's taught me through his journey to live life on his own terms is so much more important.  

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