My First Podcast!!

Okay, everyone, you are my guinea pigs. Recently, far too many people "coincidentally" shared their thoughts with me (within the exact same 24 hours) encouraging me to get into Podcasting. I know NOTHING about podcasting. But then again, I knew nothing about editing videos and I managed to teach myself THAT, so what the heck, right? Time to spread my wings and figure this stuff out. If only I could be as spectacular and elegant as this peacock....


I Googled all sorts of articles about podcasting equipment. I took the plunge and ordered a microphone with a retractable arm and shield and got a hand-held digital voice recorder for interviews I might do whenever I'm out and about and decide to "Put It In Park," as it is. And yesterday, as snow flurries blew past my office window, I hunkered down in my new studio and hit record.

Podcasting tutorials on YouTube warn novice podcasters that their first several episodes will be awful. Okay. I'm good with that. I'm certainly not good at everything I try. But if I don't try, I'll never get good. (My hands shook uncontrollably the first three years I anchored the news. So be it.)

I like the idea of settling down with you and sharing more than a one minute Video Thursday. I want to chat with you while you're driving to work, or making dinner, or foostering in your garden, or doing the laundry. The things I'll talk about will be mostly stream of consciousness. They'll be about messages I'm kicking around in my own head to deal with this life we all lead that we often can't control. 

**Work in progress, friends! I'm having trouble linking it to this page, so stay tuned. Grrrr!***


  • I just listened to your podcast and Wendy, you HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! What a fantastic start to my day, your words and wisdom always inspire me, and yes I BELIEVE!

  • I don’t know about this stuff either, but unless I did something wrong (which is entirely possible) I could not get the podcast.


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