Mother's Day Thoughts

One of the greatest compliments a woman can get comes in the form of another woman's admiration. I don't know why, but women tend to be so tough on one another, as though admiring another's strength or beauty or brains somehow takes away from their own. There's nothing further from the truth, actually. I believe associating with remarkable women makes my light shine a little brighter, at least by default. Knowing that 80 percent of the people who follow this page are women, and that nearly 80 percent of that 80 percent represent the female age-range advertisers fall over themselves to reach, well, it makes me smile like you wouldn't believe. How freakishly blessed am I to be so supported by other ladies.

So I came up with this thought over the weekend. I don't know if there's a woman in your life who might like a different kind of gift this Mother's Day, but I'd like to offer it. I wear mine all the time and can say in all honesty that I feel more calm, more at peace, and certainly more able to deflect the world's ugliness when I do.

If you scroll back up to Products, you will see a Mother's Day special offer. It may just make the woman you love most in the world smile the way she deserves. It's my one-of-a-kind Peace Key necklace and a super soft PWB T-shirt. Plus.... I always add extra goodies and personalized messages into every care package.

Enjoy this incredible weather, everyone. Knowing our luck, it will be snowing on Sunday.


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