Meet Wendy Bell

I am a proud American.

I am a writer. A dreamer. A positive thinker and lover of people whose small ideas make a big impact on this world we all share.

I believe life is what we make of it and that unexpected challenges and heartache push us in directions we're supposed to go.

I believe that lifting others up and giving selflessly of ourselves makes our journey worth taking. I don't believe in coincidence. We drift into each other's paths for a reason. 

I am a 21-time Emmy Award winner, with four Edward R. Murrow Awards and a drawer full of other accolades for the stories I told and the newscasts I anchored over 25 years on local and national television. But then something happened to my business. It changed. 

And so did I.

I believe news is more than a nightly recap of the day's horrrors. It goes deeper than death tolls and mug shots and perp walks. There is GOOD out there. People on every street, in every community, doing remarkable things to make this world a better place.

That's why I started Positively Wendy Bell.

The stories I tell here – the videos I shoot, the people I interview, the missions I share with you – I BELIEVE IN. 

I invite you to join this community here. Share your ideas. Be inspired. Get motivated. Start walking your path in a Positive Light.

And I should tell you. I saved the best for last.

I am mom to five sons. Michael, Jack, Ryan, Christopher, Bobby and my husband Joe remind me every day that life is a blessing and a gift. 

Welcome to Mine.

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