How About Some Inspiration?

Let's see. Today's news has been nothing but awful. We have the media's breathless coverage of immigration, a teenager shot and killed by police, and flash flooding all across western Pennsylvania. I think to myself... huh. There's absolutely nothing about any of those stories that I can either control or impact. Just knowing about them makes me feel sad. So I reach over and start reading something that changes all that.

Much the way I want to be a source of inspiration, a young Pittsburgh woman named Sarah Hartley launched her own dream a few years ago called Holl & Lane. "A Sanctuary for Soul-Filled Stories" is the quarterly magazine's cutline... and as I leaf through it I'm amazed by how professional it is, just like Real Simple, if you've ever picked up one of those. But Holl & Lane is different. Each issue has a theme, and it's always something that speaks to women. The long list of contributors come from all over the world with stories to share that are as vast as their backgrounds. And as I read three issues front to back it strikes me: I need to share this.

I did a little Video Blog about it that I hope you like! Please, consider getting an issue or a subscription to Holl & Lane. There's nothing I like more than people who find a void, fill that void, then share their passion with others. Keep plugging away, Sarah. What you're doing is important. 

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