Good News!

One of the things Marty Griffin and I enjoy most about our radio program on KDKA 1020AM every weekday afternoon is our final segment. We call it "Good News," and for good reason. Every show is wrapped in a proverbial bow as we share a story that will leave our listeners with a smile. And some days, when the news we cover is particularly negative or divisive, I find myself looking forward to that final segment at 5:37PM with everything I've got.


(Maeve Shaughnessy and Sydney Birchard presenting money from their non-profit organization, ALS Kids.) 

I want to share with you the podcast of a Good News segment we did the other night. A Pittsburgh mom reached out to me to tell me about her daughter and her daughter's friend. Both Maeve and Sydney's families had been touched recently by ALS, the ravaging disease that steals everything from an otherwise perfectly healthy person. Their mobility. Their independence. Their ability to walk and talk and breathe on their own. And, unlike many cancers or other diseases, ALS is always fatal. 

It's one thing to watch someone you love suffer from it. It's something entirely else to take that heart-wrenching experience and do something positive with it. Maeve and Sydney have done just that.

Enjoy their story, their mission, and their sweet voices. If two girls, ages 12 and 13, can do what they're doing, what's our excuse for complaining about the world around us but not moving to make our own difference?

 Listen to our podcast here:


Click here to learn more about Maeve and Sydney's non-profit, ALS Kids.

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