Covering the Blue

When Diane Baughman Huggins and her children found themselves in the midst of a horrendous family crisis, police officers quickly arrived at their Burgettstown home. The comfort and security those uniformed men and women provided Diane saved her from the most difficult day of her life.


"I don't know what I would have done, had it not been for those officers," Diane recalled, rocking gently in her living room easy chair as her hands crocheted a long, black blanket. "They quite literally saved our lives."

That experience launched something that would soon become much bigger than Diane: a mission to comfort every single police, K-9 and correctional officer injured on the job. "It's the thin blue line," she explained to me in a whisper. "And we will never forget."

Diane calls it Covering the Blue, a campaign to provide injured officers a special, hand-made afghan to keep them warm during their darkest times. Fellow knitters and crocheters heard of Diane's plan and joined her. People donated money. Others bought Diane yarn. Her idea took off.

Watch now as Diane explain her mission, her message, and why her work will never be complete.  

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  • Wonderful story!

    Christopher Echele

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