Celebrating Janet

For years and years, I've shared personal stories with you about my family. I've told you about Joe, my love and number one fan. About our sons, Michael, Jack, Ryan, Christopher and Bobby. About how Chris was hit by a car. About the tube of Tollhouse cookie dough Jack took to school for lunch. About Michael learning to drive, Ryan's message to the President and Bobby's hilarious (but tender) sense of humor (and fear of the dark). I've written about my parents. I've shared stories about my in-laws. But never, really, have I taken the time to tell you about my sister, Janet.

Janet works her magic behind the scenes. She doesn't want the spotlight and never expects, or yearns, for its accolades. She's the kind of person who toils tirelessly to make everyone around her better, knowing full well they have no idea she's doing it. She's strong and steady. Dependable. Fiercely loyal and outrageously emotional. A proud advocate for the disadvantaged. A friend to anyone who's suffering. And she loves her sons and husband to the stars and back.

I learned today that my sister received a significant award this past week at work. The kind of pat-on-the-back most of us can only dream about, because most of our companies just don't get it. Hers does.

I share this brief story with you now for a selfish reason. I love my sister, of course. But imagine how much sweeter the world would be if all of us took one brief, delicious, unforgettable moment to tell the Janets in our lives how very much they mean to us. That they're seen. That they're heard. And more than that, that they're appreciated.

Congratulations, Janet. I'm proud to be your sister.

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