Camp Guyasuta

I've driven the bridge that crosses over it thousands of times, never once knowing about the magical landscape that lay down below it. One hundred seventy five acres of wooded forests, gurgling streams, and unforgettable childhood memories made summer after summer.

Camp Guyasuta is owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America, and every year, more than twenty-thousand school kids from all walks of life enjoy the pool, the climbing tower and ropes course, and the ability to kayak down the Allegheny River to Pittsburgh's Point before mountain biking back to camp. But while celebrating its centennial year, Camp Guyasuta was ravaged last July by back-to-back storms. The punishing rains and wind toppled trees, knocked down power poles and destroyed several bridges that criss-cross the creek. Facing more than a half million dollars in damages (with only $80,000 covered by insurance), camp ranger Mike Daniher faced a serious problem. How on earth could he clean up the devastation? Where would he get the manpower? And what about the money?

Listen now as this special man (who met his wife at Camp Guyasuta when they were teenage campers way back when) is moved to tears by the acts of kindness that may, God willing, get his slice of heaven cleaned up and ready for the season's first campers.

(Click here to donate to the flood repair fund, or here to sign up your kids for one of Camp Guyasuta's adventure day camps.)

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