Breathe and Be

Several friends recently connected with me in the same 24 hours. They shared different things but their messages nudged me out of a scattered place. "Where have you been?" they asked. "Where are your videos? Why have your stopped telling your stories?" Huh, I thought. That's no coincidence. So I called out to my boyfriend Murphy, grabbed his leash, and the two of us went for a long walk in the woods not far from our house.
I find that when I'm feeling something, or struggling in a place I'd rather climb out of, a lot of other people are doing the same thing. There's great comfort in knowing that. The challenge is finding our footing and taking the first step. Nature is a remarkable place to stumble upon it.
Truth be told, living a positive life is a choice. Seeing the sweetness even when we're scattered is difficult, but it's doable, if we choose to do it. The key is letting ourselves be. Allowing our minds to roam, our brains to be jumbled, and our direction to be unknown. We're not in charge of the journey, after all. Resisting the need to be in control, to stick to an agenda, to have a plan, to always have a goal... involves letting go. And that's usually when something unexpected happens.
So, to those friends, thanks for the nudge. And for the reminder. Sometimes it's okay for us to stop in our relentless pursuit of happiness and just.... be.


  • Thank you for that message! I needed that like you don’t even know. My new mantra!

    Beverly K Baughman
  • Thank you for letting us know your ok and just living a normal life of being a mom.
    We have all been through these trying times with so many changes along with the sadness of getting used to letting go of our college bound babies. It will be alright! Your boys are growing up and you will get through each stage they seem to be going through. You are in my daily prayers. Just hang in there! Missed hearing from you. Sent with love! Char

    Charlotte Aber
  • Thanks Love you and all you stand for

    Georgene albrecht
  • Thank you for that message!

  • Hey girl! Always awesome to hear from or get to chat with you! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling…out of sorts. I try to tell myself we need the “blahs” life throws us to truly appreciate the “woo hoos!” Doesn’t make the blahs any more fun! Change can be scary and unsettling. You’ve had a lot going on. Everything’s new…’til it’s not new anymore! Ride the wave. Say a prayer. Know that you have a herd of people behind you who love you. No one can be “up” all the time. Surround yourself with the people who love you…best anti-ick medicine in the world! Don’t force the happy…it’ll come on it’s own! I love you. 🙂

    Eva-Marie Simon

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