Begin Where You Are

I used to have a different idea of the “Mid-Life Crisis” until I had one of my own. I was 45 years old, doing a job that sacked my spirit and I was seriously questioning my plan to put in another dozen years before I switched paths and tried something new. I could see the future. Those twelve years were going to be a struggle. Would I be able to sacrifice my happiness for a bigger pension? And then I realized something. We ALL go through life crises. And you needn't be middle aged to feel the effects.

When you look in the mirror and reflect on where you’ve been, who you are and whether or not you like where you’re going, you’re making a life adjustment. You’re tweaking your path. Changing direction. And sometimes you end up starting over. How do you do that?

You Begin Where You Are.

This whole idea of beginning where you are is powerful. If we become willing to be a beginner every single morning, we can tap into the enthusiasm, the creativity and the drive we USED to have. Beginners are eager to learn. Hungry to improve. And driven by dreams. And when you begin where you are, every step forward is triumphant. Each rung climbed gets you closer to where you want to be. Be optimistic. Be positive. You’ve got this.

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