Be Someone's Match

Mackenna Drazich describes herself as regular. As ordinary. As, the way she puts it, "nothing special." But when you look into her beautiful green eyes or get lost in her flowing waves of glossy brown hair, you realize that what you're seeing is anything but ordinary. Even better, when you hear her speak, you come to understand what the word extraordinary truly means.

(Mackenna on the right, hugging her bone marrow recipient, Andrea, when the two met for the first time back in March in Washington, PA. )

I want to share a special story with you now. It's Mackenna's Story. It's a story being told in countless other ways all around the world as men and women are stepping up, opening their mouths, and changing a stranger's life.

I don't know what it's like to save someone. I've never run into a burning building. I've never smashed a car window and pulled someone out of the wreckage. I've never talked someone off the ledge of a building. The most I've ever done is given blood. And given birth.  

Mackenna has done more.

She doesn't want to hear the words "thank you." And she certainly doesn't consider herself some kind of angel. But hundreds of miles away in Wisconsin, a young mother named Andrea would beg to differ.

Please, take the time to watch my video. Then, listen to my podcast. It is special. It is important. It's about one woman, on one day, making a decision to potentially change another person's everything.

Perhaps, when it's all said and done, we will touch one life. We'll have done one thing worthwhile. Made one impact on one person. That's all we can hope for. But, then again, perhaps this is just the beginning. Maybe by telling this story... our ripple effect will reach many more people than we could have ever imagined.

That is my hope.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing this journey with a special brown eyed young lady and me. 



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  • This story is so fantastic.!!!!! I Wonderful! I was brought to tears listening to the Podcast.


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