Attila Rides Again


There's a lot of noise out there that might make you feel doubtful of America's course these days. The daily news is a predictable smattering of horror and corruption, and with neighbors fighting neighbors over party politics, it's easy to wonder where our humanity has gone. Where can you turn to find goodness? What news out there could possibly make you smile?

I've got some for you.

And it's the ultimate American dream.

A young boy and his family emigrate from Hungary to Pittsburgh. The boy grows up and becomes a man, and his star begins to shine. And then, one day, a freak accident changes his course forever. He faces a decision. He can either become a victim and throw in the towel, or rise above adversity and reach for the stars.

I've always liked stars.

Attila Domos has felt it all. Exhilaration. Agony. The thrill of competition, and the crushing disappointment of defeat. Still, he fights through, pushing on to realize his dream. And that dream is knocking. LOUDLY.


I hope you join me on my mission to share Attila's story. I hope you tune in and feel your own doubtful spirit lifted as Attila brings a World Record home to Pittsburgh, two weeks from today. And more than anything, I hope my friend, whose motto is Never Quit, reaches that little voice inside you that always seems too scared to reach up into the sky.

Raise your arms, my friends... reach higher. Feel the stretch. As wonderful as life is, sometimes it takes a tragic detour for us to realize that the course we should be traveling is the one we never dreamed possible.


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