Above and Beyond

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to work as a police officer these days. I can't imagine putting my life on the line every day for a public that too often disrespects the dangers of the job and instead blames the police for our cities' most troubling problems. So, when I came across the story of a young Michigan police officer who did something special for a little boy in his community, I had to share it.

(Grand Rapids police officer Austin Lynema (center) with 9 year old Thomas Daniel.)

There is greatness all around us. It is usually not boastful or proud. It doesn't ask to be recognized or for a pat on the back. It is - simply - goodness. And I like to focus on that far more than the negativity and noise that does nothing good for any of us.

(Officer Lynema surprises Thomas Daniel with a special delivery after no one showed up at the 9 year old's birthday party.)

Enjoy this audio clip of Marty Griffin and me sharing the story on our KDKA 1020AM radio show. I think it speaks volumes about the world each of us should choose to see and celebrate more often.

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