A Return to Love

I read a superb book this month called "A Return to Love." Marianne Williamson writes from her heart, encouraging readers to step out from the shadows to let their individual lights shine. It sounds awkwardly strange at first, until you really think about what she's saying. We can't be so afraid of rejection that we keep our awesomeness bottled up. And the more we shine, the more inclined others around us are to drop their defenses and do the same.

Marianne is making her first trip to Pittsburgh May 9th, I've learned, to speak at the Twentieth Century Club in Oakland as part of her Love America Tour. GOOD LORD. If our country needs anything right now... it's love. How Pittsburgh scored this best-seller author and motivational speaker piqued my interest. And that's when I stumbled onto OMA. Have you heard of them?

OMA is Pittsburgh's Center for Mind, Body and Spirit. It's a non-profit dedicated to wellness. To health. To spitural growth. To happiness. And to the love that Marianne Williamson so naturally speaks of. Sometimes the world's biggest problems have such simple solutions. But it's up to us to turn the tide.

So if there's a special friend you haven't seen in a while, grab her and get a few tickets to this inspirational evening. Just click the link I'm posting below and enjoy a night that may well change your path. I'll see you there!


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